C.W. AndersonRebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age

Temple University Press, 2013

by David Schwartz on March 3, 2013

C.W. Anderson

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[Cross-posted from New Books in Journalism] Somewhere along the line, C.W. Anderson became fascinated with digital journalism and the culture that surrounds it: engaged publics, social networks, and the challenges to "legacy" media.

Rebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age (Temple University Press, 2013) is the fascinating product of Anderson's research into the Philadelphia journalism scene during the first decade-plus of the 21st Century. Once a thriving hub of traditional journalism, Philadelphia has become a living case study of the collision of digital media practices.

Anderson's ethnographic research and spot-on academic interpretation paints a vivid picture of a sometimes innovative, sometimes meandering journalism scene. Although we are at the beginning of the digital journalism era, in Rebuilding the News Anderson nonetheless walks us through the new ecosystem, what seems to be working, what doesn't, and where we go from here.

"Given all of the pain journalism has experienced in the past decade and a half," Anderson writes, "it would be a shame to waste this moment."

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